• Burr Case Set

    Sold By: Renad
    • The carbide has a long and effective working life due to its high Cobalt content.
    • The wooden cased sets, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, provide excellent portability with minimal storage hassles.
    • Made of high-quality heat-treated tungsten carbide, ensuring HRC70 hardness.
    • Cleaning welds, grinding weld beads, shaping parts, smoothing rough castings, or porting cylinder heads are all possibilities. Widespread use in body shops, fabrication shops, brake shops, industrial shops, die manufacturers, and other settings.
    Sold By: Renad

    Burr Case Set

  • Flexible Carbide Burrs

    Sold By: Renad
    • Shaft Flexibility Carbide burs are used for specialty cleaning of impellers, pump housings, and all castings. They are also excellent for cleaning burnt sand, welding, fins, inner pipe cleaning, and all other blending operations.
    • Metric size flexible shank carbide burs are available upon request in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ lengths and shapes. For custom lengths and shapes, please contact us.
    • The advanced welding equipment automatically brazes our rotary burrs. Modern CNC grinding machines are used to create the cutters.
    • Flexible shank carbide burrs made to your specifications to meet your specific stock removal needs.
    Sold By: Renad

    Flexible Carbide Burrs

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