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The machine tool industry is a critical component of the engineering industry. The more advanced machine tools are, the better they function in the creation of high-quality precision machinery required in every industrial activity. Machine tools are used to cut and shape metals and other materials in accordance with product standards. They provide a simple and accurate technique for manufacturing key components that is both effective and efficient. CNC and non-CNC machine tools are both available. Non-CNC tools, often known as traditional machine tools, are divided into machining centres, turning machines, grinding machines, and other categories.









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It is a part of the capital goods sector and encompasses a wide multidisciplinary field with multiple end-use application sectors. The machine tools business produces basic machinery for all major industries and influences competitiveness in other industries including autos, heavy electricals, and defence. It is expected to elevate engineering capabilities by emphasising competitiveness, credibility, and service commitments in worldwide markets for engineering products and services. We are also a valuable partner for the development and production of customer-specific drive solutions because of our high-performance engineering and vast application expertise. The options range from custom-made components to system partnerships with automated production for complicated mechatronic assemblies.

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Our Vision

Our philosophy is to constantly be a nose length ahead of the competition in terms of technology.

Our Mission

Customers' needs and desires are the driving factors behind everything we do.Dialogue is the foundation...


Our global manufacturing network, which is based on harmonised international process standards,...

Discover Martfury’s Journey​

January 2004
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
May 2006
Attracts first investor, Herba Beauty Care, and receives $10 million investment
December 2008
Gets $45 million more as Bison Coporation Partners jumps on the investment bandwagon
February 2012
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
September 2015
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.
July 2015
Gets launched as online martketplace merchant by Martin Garrix in United States.

Our Values

One of our company’s main values is sustainability. As a result, careful resource management and the minimization of hazardous emissions are important aspects of our business management. Our technology is already contributing to the responsible and sustainable management of natural resources. Our customers from a variety of industries benefit from this. We have introduced new opportunities with our revolutionary products as the technical leader in the field of machinery and industrial tools. Our goal is to provide solutions that are perfectly matched to the needs of our customer’s applications. We offer the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of highly developed technology-driven tools. We harness the power of numerous technologies to provide our customers individually and successfully designed solutions, as well as a vast array of conventional offerings, as an internationally focused, innovative, and cooperative company. It is our philosophy to always be a hair ahead of the competition in terms of technology. We are innovators who think outside the box and are always improving our high performance product innovations in order to meet future demands. We’re always on the cusp of what’s technically possible. We use the most inventive modern techniques and tactics to set new standards for innovative products because we deliberately invest in research and development. We are ecstatic that our engineering accomplishments and significant technological expertise can provide our customers with new options. We pursue our objectives with commitment, enthusiasm, dedication, and tenacity when providing solutions for customer applications. We experiment with new technology, nurture new ideas, collaborate at all levels, and continue to grow as individuals. We are the gold standard in terms of quality and service all over the world. To thank you for this exceptional position, we have an unwavering commitment to quality that is shared by all of our workers. Our commitment and willingness to develop our services, organisational structures, and our international competitiveness and customer satisfaction now and in the future.

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